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My great-uncle died this weekend. We weren't real close or anything, but we did talk. I'm sad, but not unhappy. He was old and he was sick, and he was stuck in a nursing home as well as a dying shell. He's in a better place now.

Anyway, the funeral is on Thursday.

In better news, check it out:

I might as well since I can't seem to get paid for it.
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What makes it fantasy? Why the dragon skull I smacked in the middle of it. What makes it a dragon skull? The horns I cropped because of empty space.
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Well the third 'Eragon' book came out. Yay. I have of course, already downloaded my own free copy from the internetz. Take that Paolini!

Mm. Maybe even a year ago I could have sneered at this, but in my old age all I can do is snarl a bit and, under my breath, mutter "Lucky bastard..." Because now that I'm all grown up and rudderless, all I really want is to be successful. Successful and RICH. I don't care how.

So bravo, Christopher Paolini. You shit gold. That's awesome.

*sighs* In more cheerful news, I finally went to Sonic last week. YES PEOPLE! BURNSVILLE HAS A SONIC! I swear, Highway 42 won't really be complete until it's managed to assimilate every fast food restaurant on Earth. (Shit people, we even have a new theater that's based on the city of Atlantis. And it has a BAR.) But I digress, my opinion on Sonic was not... favorable.

It wasn't worth it. The food was about as good (or bad) as McDonald's and the wait was 30 minutes in the drive-through. About half-way through the wait I would have said 'fuck it' and left, but we were already stuck between two cars and a railing. :(

One more bit of news. Then I'm done. Alyssa won a $50 giftcard and a whole bunch of Reese's Pieces at work on Monday! Cub Foods has been celebrating their 40th Anniversary with a bunch of raffles and contests for both customers and employees. Last week we had a traditional 'guess how many M&Ms are in these bags' contest. There were four bags in various sizes with giftcard prizes and I WON THE BIGGEST ONE! I guessed 600 Reese's Pieces in the largest bag and there were 604! And I got to eat the things too! (I'm eating them right now! They're blue and black for some reason!)

Boy, that sure made the 7.5 hour shift go by a little faster! Okay, I'll see you all later!
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"You have. 1. New Message."


"Um, hey... it's me. Well it's been two weeks since... you know. And well, you haven't called me... (Sigh) I just... is everything okay? Between us I mean?

"I know you've been seeing other people. Maybe I'm just being stupid. I mean, I just thought we really had something special. I didn't come on too strong or anything... did I?

"Please... just call me back when you get this message. I really just... I want to know if you thought there was something... something...

"Just call me back.

"I love you, Daktronics."


"End Message."
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"So what are your interests? Any hobbies?" the young lady purred over her latte. She batted her eyelashes at the man sitting across from her. He was tall and slim. He wore a top hat.

"Well, I like long walks on the beach. Sunsets. Drinking coffee with charming company," he said. She laughed softly. "But seriously, I'm interested in American freedom, peace, and happiness. In my spare time I stalk the streets looking for injustice and wrongs to be righted. It gives me the deepest pleasure to put bad guys behind bars."

He paused for a moment. "I also like the theatre."

"Maybe we can see a movie later... at my apartment," she said with an alluring smile.


"Damn," the man said as he leaped out of his chair. He ran out the door shouting, "I'll call you."

Abraham Lincoln jumped into his hover car and zoomed over to secret headquarters.

"I got the distress call," he said as he walked into the control center. The control center was large and filled with many screens that showed the status of the entire world. "What is it? Alien attack? A phantom necromancer? Have the abominable snowmen come back?"

"No," said Sonic the Hedgehog. It's worse than all of that. Bruce Willis is running for president."

Abraham Lincoln smacked his forehead. "Why didn't you talk him out of it?"

"Robotnik held up the Applebee's last night. I was helping with the hostage negotiations. I can't be in two places at once."

"And Darkwing Duck is still taming that uprising in Guam" Lincoln muttered. "Okay, let me go talk to him. Maybe the clone of a former president can talk some sense into that head of his."

"Good luck with that," Sonic laughed. A screen flashed and Sonic ran out the door, a blue blur on his way to fight giant squid in the South Pacific.

"Oh fuck you," Lincoln muttered.

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So I can't go to the party tonight. Moose_Punter had an interview with Daktronics last week and they asked if could send in some stills of my 3-D work. So I'm working on that.

But... I thought the interview went pretty well. They seemed to like me. All six of them. If they hire me I'll be a Motion Graphics Artist, which sounds pretty catchy. And I'll be moving to Brookings, South Dakota, which seemed like a nice little town.

Yes, the interview took place in South Dakota. Me and my Mom drove down the night before and Daktronics PAID FOR OUR HOTEL ROOM. It made me feel like a movie star.

We'll see. They said they'd call me in a couple weeks...

Anyway, I've been reading and watching some new stuff lately. I've been on a real Batman kick ever since I saw the new movie. (Pretty good but the slow spots were total mood-killers.) I picked up volumes 1 and 3 of Batman: The Animated Series (the 90's cartoon) and they were TOTALLY AWESOME. Everything about that show was top-notch, and I just have to get my hands on the other two volumes.

My friend Kyle has also been loaning me some comics. So I have 'Hush' under my belt now, as well as Alan Moore's Killing Joke. I borrowed a book on Alan Moore one-shot comics and that guy can write up a storm. (He wrote Watchmen of course, very good stuff.) Too bad he comes off as such a dick in the interviews I've read.

What else... read the first three volumes of Amazing X-men. Pretty decent. Watched the first season of MTV's Spider-man. Okay, but some of the character treatments were weak and the CGI was better suited to a commercial than a TV show. 'Old Boy' and 'Lady Vengeance' which are a couple asian revenge flicks. Pretty weird, pretty bloody, and definitely cool in their own right. Umm... When Harry Met Sally...?

Yeah, expect my graduation party soon. I'll e-mailin' soon.
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The Rare Update

Would you people hate me if I moved to South Dakota?

Daktronics is apparently 'strongly considering' me for a position as a Digital Artist. It's not exactly the direction I was hoping to go in, but a job's a job. And I can always work on my own stuff in the off hours.

Right now they gave me a sort of test. I'm supposed to do some short animated ads for Mardi Gras and Autumn. It actually relieves me quite a bit that they're doing so. I have an idea of what they are expecting of me now. I'm not just applying blind.

It also gives me some badly needed focus. The last couple of weeks I've been completely scatter-brained. I didn't know what I wanted to work on. I wanted to improve my modeling, my drawing skills. I wanted to do some lip-synching. I wanted to work on a comic... *sigh* You can't work on it all at once you know.

But we'll see. Tomorrow I'll have to phone up my resume packages too and see how that goes down.

In other news. Gotham Knight was really neat. I'm beginning to think that Batman is more of an American icon than Superman. After all, he's way more popular.
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Since May. Since May.

Well anyone who knows me, knows how things are. Not great. But better than they were. But not since May. Since May, things are much worse. But since November things are looking up slightly. Which in and of itself may be a reason for suspicion.

School is looming over me. Again. And my past failures leave me feeling a definite lack of confidence. I don't want to go back willy-nilly. I want to go back prepared. Maybe even more than just prepared. PRETTY MUCH FINISHED would be the term I'd choose. I don't want to let myself down again and even less so, the people who support me. Which is damn well near everyone. (Even the JURY MEMBERS wished me luck. Which reminds me, I'll have to tell you all about jury duty sometime.) So thus I've begun prepping my next project. I have a good bit of the animatic done, and during that I'm animating some other things.

Hopefully, I won't mess up.

In the meanwhile, I'm pretty concerned about money and where that money is going. Firstmark and Sallie Mae have monthly bills that need paying. I also have the nagging suspicion that I might owe the school some money, but I believe it's within a reasonable amount. I then have to concern myself with what I need to pay the school for the next quarter. Over all that, I now pay rent to my parents. It's very reasonable, and at this point they need it. You all know that America is looking at a recession.

Quite honestly, I'm a little scared about it. But my mom's friend gave me this really awesome book that might alleviate some of that worry. I can't remember the title of it right now, but it's a book for artists and illustrators. It has thousands of companies all in tidy little piles under labels such as 'Greeting Cards', 'Magazines', 'Books', and 'Posters'. It tells you what they are looking for, what you should send them, how many people they hire per year, and even what they'll pay you. It's great, because it's totally within my power to draw and paint those sorts of things. And it's not a bad thing to put in your resume.

Well that's it for now. Next time, perhaps I'll reveal my thoughts on the Nickelodeon Project.

That should be enough to scare you.
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I'm quitting Game. When you suddenly realize that you're not having fun anymore and you find yourself feeling more upset at the end of your fun time then you are at the beginning... that's the time when you just have to give it up. It's nobody's fault but my own. I just can't seem to have a good time anymore and I feel like I'm dragging everyone down with my bad attitude and my open criticism. I don't want how I act during game to affect the rest of the time I spend with my friends either.

That is all.
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